Nathan Berghorst, MFT, MA - Abundant Living, Thriving Relationships, & Peace of Mind
It is time to believe that you will once again experience joy! 
It is time to once again believe that you will have a 30, 40, 50+ anniversary some day!

My name is Nathan Berghorst, MFT. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences) offering therapeutic and relationship improvement services. 

I use therapeutic techniques and strategies to help individuals, families, and couples find the help that they seek. However it is the Christian approach that sets me apart from most therapists. I believe that most people of the Christian faith need peace of mind when choosing a therapist. I offer this.

My treatment strategy involves applying therapeutic techniques that align with God's Word to any of life's challenging situations. Effective? Absolutely! Easy? Often times, it is not. I am here to help you through it.
Don't hesitate to live life the way that God intended you to live it, abundantly. Give me a call and make an appointment today. 
(209) 573-1883
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